Homework: 5/15 – 5/19

7th Graders: Your only homework this week is to study for your Chapter 5, Words 1 Vocabulary quiz this Friday, 5/19
You can study by:
Using your folded papers (only the words from pages 134-135)
Using the packet you completed due on Monday
Using the Quizlet link –> Chapter 5, Words 1 Vocabulary
Using pages 134-135 in your textbook

8th Graders: Your homework this week is to study for your final exam next Wednesday, 5/24. Remember: Study a little bit each night to avoid cramming. Alternate nights studying just vocab, just grammar, and just culture. Extra Help is on Tuesday 5/23 after school until 3:15. Please RSVP ahead of time.
8th Grade: Final Exam Review Flashcards, Chapters 6-9


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7C Class Update: IMPORTANT!!!

Dear 7C Students,

Because we missed so many classes this week due to MCAS, we have yet again fallen behind 7A & 7B.
To catch up, we are having your binder check on Monday next week, May 15th NO EXCEPTIONS.
Please organize your binders over the weekend, and bring them home to do so. I am putting this announcement on the blog, as well as sending an email, so there are no excuses as to why you will not be ready for this binder check on Monday. If you would like, spread the word to your classmates today and tomorrow.
I have attached the checklist for you to follow to organize your binder. If there is an issue with the checklist (item we did not do/item in wrong place) email me, or bring it up at the beginning of class on Monday.
Organize!!!! See you Monday afternoon.
– Ms. Mirabella



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La Tarea (HW): 5/8 – 5/12

7th Graders:
lunes: 1) study Chapter 5, Words 1 for 15 minutes
Chapter 5, Words 1 Quizlet
2) organize your binder for a
binder check this week! (quiz grade)
7A & B- Thursday, 5/11         7C – Next Monday, 5/15
martes & miércoles: organize binder!
jueves: nada
viernes: finish vocabulary packet from class given by substitute! due Monday!


8th Graders:
lunes, martes, & miércoles: organize binder for a
binder check this week! (quiz grade)
8B- Tomorrow 5/9
and/or Thursday 5/11 (depends on MCAS timing)
8A & C – Thursday, 5/11
jueves & viernes: finish packets #1 and #2 from class
(vocabulary final exam review)
** due Monday, 5/15 as a hw check (8B & C)
** due Tuesday, 5/16 as a hw check (8A)


Chapters 6-9 Vocabulary Quizlet

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Quizlet Links

7th Grade:
Chapter 5, Words 1 Link
Ch.5, Words 1 Quizlet

8th Grade:
Final Exam Link, Chapters 6-9
Chapters 6-9 Quizlet

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Very Important Upcoming Dates!

Hola Students & Parents,

As the year winds down, I would like to give you advanced
notice of upcoming important dates for students.

7th Graders: 
Last Binder Check (Quiz Grade): 
7A- Thursday, 5/11
7B- Thursday, 5/11
7C- Monday, 5/15

2 Vocabulary Quizzes for Ch. 5,
1 Grammar Quiz for Ch.5,
and Ch. 5 Test

8th Graders:
Last Binder Check (Quiz Grade):
8A- Thursday, 5/11
8B- Tuesday 5/9 and/or Thursday 5/11
[depending on MCAS timing this week]
8C- Thursday, 5/11

Spanish 1 Cumulative Final Exam (Test Grade):
8A, 8B, & 8C – Wednesday, 5/24


^ I will be hosting an after school final exam review gathering
in B7 on Tuesday, 5/23 until 3:15.
8th graders are encouraged to attend to get extra help
before the biggest exam of the year!
Please RSVP ahead of time, so I can get a head count.

Add these dates to your calendars & agendas por favor!

That is all for now, enjoy the weekend!
-Ms. Mirabella

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IMPORTANT: 8A Students


I forgot to give you the question I will be asking tomorrow in the oral section of the test worth 4 points. When you come up to my desk, I will ask you the question,
¿Qué hiciste tú ayer?
This question is asking,
What did you do yesterday?

I am looking for you to respond with any answer (it does not have to be true), as long as your verb is in the yo form in the preterite tense!

Ex. Yo nadé en la piscina.
Yo fui a la playa.
Yo estudié español. 

Sorry for not discussing this today, it slipped my mind until Cora reminded me after class. Thanks Cora!

-Ms. M

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IMPORTANT POST — La Tarea: 5/1 – 5/5 & Test Formats For This Week (7th + 8th)

Homework for the Week:

7th Graders:
Monday through Wednesday Nights: Your homework this week is to study for your Chapter 4 Test.
Test is on: Wednesday (7C) Thursday (7A & B)
Over the Weekend: Your homework is to finish your page 156 (Ch. 5) Folded Papers we started in class! Due on Monday for a HW Check!

8th Graders:
Your only homework all week is to study for your Chapter 9 Test!
Test is on: Thursday (8B) Friday (8A & C)


Chapter 4 Test Format (7th Grade ONLY)

Chapter 4 Vocabulary: Quizlet

Part 1: Vocab – Matching: (no verbs in this section) 2 points each, 15?s, 30 points total
Part 2: Contractions – Fill in with the correct words or contractions if necessary – 2 points each, 10?s, 20 points total
Ex. Yo voy _______ banco. (al)
Es __________ muchachas.  (de las)
Part 3: Verb Conjugations – Conjugate each verb in the infinitive based on the subject or subject pronoun given – 2 points each, 20 ?s, 40 points total
Ex. Ir (tú) _______________ (vas)
Bailar (mi hermano y yo) _______________________ (bailamos)
Part 4: Translations – Translate the following sentences from Spanish to English – 2 points each, 5 ?s, 10 points total


Chapter 9 Test Format (8th Grade ONLY)

The first part of the test is an oral section, worth two questions or 4 points. The rest of the test is Scantron, so those 48 questions are multiple choice, 2 points each.

Chapter 9 Vocabulary: Quizlet

Parte I: La Parte Oral – I will call you up to my desk to answer a question based on Chapter 9 vocabulary and grammar. Be cautious of your pronunciation! (4 points total)
Parte II: El Vocabulario – Select the vocabulary word that best completes the sentence. (2 points each, 40 total)
Parte III: La Conjugación –
Based on the subject/subject pronoun, select the correct conjugation of the verb IN THE PRETERITE TENSE. (2 points each, 10 total)
Parte IV: El verbo correcto en la frase – Find the subject in the sentence, and then select which verb conjugation is correct. (2 points each, 20 total)
Parte V: Los pronombres de los objetos directos – Find the direct object in the sentence, and then select which direct object pronoun should be used to replace it. (2 points each, 16 total)
Parte VI: La Cultura – Select whether the following culture statement from Chapter 9 is Verdad (A) o Falso (B). (2 points each, 10 total)

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