7th Graders: Alphabet & Cognates Quiz

¡Hola! I have created 2 Quizlets to help you study over the weekend for next week’s quiz. Quiz will be on Tuesday for 7A & 7C and Wednesday for 7B. Each class will have a different version. 10 oral questions for the alphabet sounds, and 10 cognates in Spanish in the fill in section for you to translate to English. Each question is worth 5 points. Good luck studying!
-Ms. M

Cognates Quizlet

Alphabet Quizlet


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8th Graders: Question Words Quizlet

Quizlet Link: Question Words

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7th Grade Alphabet Study Methods

Alphabet Quizlet Flashcards

Song #1

Song #2 (Thanks to Ryan from 7C for the song!)

6th Grade Español

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7th Grade Tapas Tasting!

All of my 7th grade classes recently finished the food chapter, and were captivated by the various differences in lifestyle and cuisine in Spanish speaking countries. To further our lessons with authentic dishes from Spanish speaking countries, we had a Tapas Tasting on Monday, June 11th. I was blown away by how beautiful and delicious these dishes were! Students worked hard to find authentic recipes, cook/bake, and then present the history/background of each dish to their classmates while they sampled it. It was a day filled with culture, cuisine, and chatter!
¡Buen Trabajo!
-Ms. Mirabella


7A Mantecados & Sopapillas


7A Tortilla Española


7A Pico de Gallo & Chips


7A Quesada & Croquetas


7A Pastellitos


7A Torrijas, Tres Leches Cake, Churros con Chocolate, & Miguelitos


7C Tapas


7C Torrijas


7C Tortilla Española


7C Mango Empanadas


7C Croquetas & Tortilla Española


7C Paella


7C Alfajores, Turrón, & Churros


7C Bionico

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La Tarea (HW): 4/6 – 8/6

The only homework for both 7th and 8th grade students this week is to return their Spanish textbooks to me in class ASAP!

I will be giving Mr. Lusas a count of the returned books, and any missing books will require replacement by the student/parent.

Please turn these into me as soon as you locate them at home!

-Ms. Mirabella

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La Tarea (HW): 29/5 – 1/6

7th Graders:
Homework for the week is to study for
your Chapter 5 Test this Friday, 6/1
for 7A, 7B, & 7C.
Chapter 5 Vocabulary, Words 1 & 2: Quizlet
How to Study For Chapter 5 Test

8A & 8B: Homework for the week is to study for your
Chapter 9 Test on Thursday, 5/31.
Chapter 9 Quizlet: Words 1 & 2
Study Guide_ Ch.9 Test

8C: No homework this week! Congratulations with completing all quizzes and tests for the school year in Spanish! 🙂

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Homework: 21/5 – 25/5

7th Graders:
Your homework for the week is to memorize -ER and -IR verb endings in preparation of this Friday’s -ER/-IR verbs quiz! [Last quiz of the year!!!]
Chart of Verb Endings

8th Graders:
Your homework for the week is to study for your Final Exam! Remember, NOT TO CRAM and plan out studying in chunks accordingly. Also, stay after for our extra help sessions this week!
8th Grade Final Exam Format
Chapters 6-9 Vocabulary: Quizlet Link

Final Exam Dates:
8B – This Thursday, 5/24
8A & 8C – This Friday, 5/25

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