HW: Week of 4/9 – 4/13

7th Graders: No homework this week!

8th Graders:

Binder Checks (Quiz Grade) will be on:
Monday, 4/9 – 8B & 8C
Wednesday, 4/11 – 8A

Chapter 9 Folded Papers from
page 284 will be checked off and gone over on:
Tuesday, 4/10 – 8B
Wednesday, 4/11 – 8C
Thursday, 4/12 – 8A

Also, because 8A will be missing class on Friday due to the Retro Assembly, they will have to complete a homework worksheet the other 2 teams will be doing in class. I will check this worksheet off after vacation. It will be a double sided worksheet about Chapter 9, Words 1 Vocabulary. I will give the worksheet to 8A students on Thursday!

Have a great vacation!
-Ms. Mirabella


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