Short Week: 11/7 & 11/9

7th Graders:
1.By Monday 11/14, you must have memorized both the SHORT and LONG forms of expressing the date (use your class notes!)
2. Your Preliminary Test is on Friday, 11/18. Start preparing, use this Quizlet to help
Preliminary Test Vocabulary
3. 7A ONLY: Because we miss class Wednesday, please be sure to do the double sided worksheet I gave you on Friday as homework due on Monday 11/14. The other teams will be doing this during class Wednesday!

8th Graders:
1. Your Chapter 6 Folded Papers (ALL words from Page 186) will be due FOR A HW CHECK on Monday 11/14 for 8B & 8C, and Tuesday 11/15 for 8A. Glossary starts on Page 244. We will be working on them during classes this week, and whatever is incomplete must be done at home for homework.

Quiz on the Family Member Vocabulary only will be on 11/21 (8B & C) 11/22 (8A)
Family Member Vocabulary

Any absences this week should not be used as an excuse for not having work done for next week!

Contact me with questions (,
Ms. Mirabella


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