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7th Graders: Words 2 Vocabulary/Quiz

7A, 7B, & 7C:

Now that you have taken your Words 1 Quiz (or will take it by the end of the day today), it is time to move on to Words 2 on pages 138-139.

I originally planned to give you your Words 2 Quiz on Friday, 5/6 according to your Newsletter. However, due to PARCC testing next week, we will be missing classes together. I feel as if you will not have had enough review time before next Friday, so the Words 2 Quiz is being postponed to a later date, TBA.

Until then, please start using this Quizlet and become familiar with Words 2.

Ms. Mirabella

Words 2 (pages 138-139)


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Homework for the week (25/4 – 29/4)

7th Graders: Only homework this week is to study for your quiz on the vocabulary from pages 134-135 on Friday! Link to Quizlet

8th Graders: As we discussed in class, each team is on a separate schedule from now until the final exam. Please see your assignment guide/schedule handout that I have given you this week to follow for any homework and assignments due. 8A, I will give you this handout as soon as possible (depending on when I see you due to PARCC testing!)

8A AprilMayPlanforSpanishClassAndGuidedIndependentStudyAssignmentSheet

8B AprilMayPlanGuidedStudyAssignmentSheet


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7th Graders: Quiz on Friday!

7th Graders,

Here is the Quizlet link again for Friday’s vocabulary quiz on pages 134-135.

Quizlet Link

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Homemade Tortilla Española!

7th Graders,

Look what Ms. Mirabella made for dinner tonight! Homemade tortilla española! As we discussed, this traditional Spanish dish is good to eat hot or cold, at any time of day!

Hope you are all having a wonderful break, see you soon. 


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What We’re Up To: Quizlet Live!

Hola Students & Parents!

Lately, we have been reviewing lots of new vocabulary in both 7th and 8th grade Spanish classes. 8th grade students just learned summer and winter sports and activities. 7th graders have been reviewing vocabulary from the much anticipated food chapter. Usually, review classes include the use of Kahoot!, Around the World, Catch It, Whipshares, and other activities.

Mr. Finnigan, MSMS’ Latin teacher, was nice enough to walk myself and the 8B class through a new game. This new review game is called, Quizlet Live. Many teachers already use Quizlet as an outlet for students to review vocabulary across any school subject. Quizlet Live takes those same vocabulary words from digital flashcards, and creates them into an interactive game. In our class, students have been playing Quizlet Live before their vocabulary quizzes to review.

After going to on their iPads and typing in a game pin, students are shuffled into groups based on animals. They sit with their team members side by side, and each round contains 12 questions. The first team to answer 12 questions in a row correctly without getting “kicked out” back to question 1, wins! The game promotes team work and collaboration because the answer to each question only appears on ONE team member’s iPad screen. Teams have to talk out who has the correct answer in order to move on to the next question.

Here is a PDF to the directions for students & teachers (thanks Mr. Finnigan!)
& pictures of 7B and 8C students engaged in a round of Quizlet Live!

-Ms. Mirabella




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7th Grade: Words 1 Quizlet Link

7A, 7B, & 7C,
Regardless of any class time missed because of PARCC the week we return from April Vacation, we will still have our Words 1 Vocabulary Quiz (pages 134-135) on Friday, April 29th.

Plan ahead, and start memorizing these words and meanings!

Chapter 5, Words 1 Quizlet Link

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Attention Students (7th & 8th)

During this time of year, your school supplies start to get full. Please remember that you SHOULD NOT THROW ANYTHING SPANISH RELATED AWAY. Instead, put older materials (quizzes, tests, projects, worksheets, homework assignments) in a folder and leave it somewhere safe and labeled in your locker.

7th Graders: All material should be held onto, and used next year as review/reference.

8th Graders: All material (7th & 8th) will be needed/reviewed next month before your final exam!

As locker clean outs approach, please remind yourself and your classmates not to throw anything Spanish related away!

Ms. Mirabella

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