7th Graders: Chapter 3 Test Post

7th Graders:

Your Chapter 3 Test is this Friday, March 4th.

Extra Help will be available after school in my classroom until 2:30 on Thursday, March 3rd ONLY.

Here is how you should prepare for your test. There are 6 parts:

Part 1: Write the correct letter of the vocabulary word. Matching. (1 point each, 20 total)
Part 2: Write the vocabulary word in English (no word bank). (1 point each, 15 total)
* study from your folded papers
* study from your vocabulary packet
*study from the textbook pages 72, 73, 76, & 77
*study from your Chapter 3 Vocabulary Quiz
* study from Quizlet: Ch. 3 Vocab

Part 3: Write the correct form of the -AR verb (2 points each, 20 total)
Part 4: Conjugate two -AR verbs in all forms, and say what the verb means in English. (2 points each for conjugation, 1 pt per definition,  22 total)
study from your -AR verb notes
*study from your Chapter 3 Grammar Quiz
*study from Page 82 Ex. E

Part 5: Culture I: Tell whether the statement about the culture is true or false (verdad o falso). (3 points each, 15 total)
Part 6: Culture II: Write 4 complete sentences in Spanish as answers to the following 4 questions. (2 points each, 8 total)
*study from this PDF doc that has notes in it about the culture
*study from the two readings we went over in class, as well as the board notes you took in 7A & 7B (7C I gave you each a copy of the PDF doc above!)

Any questions, please e-mail me at gmirabella@bpsk12.org.

This is a TEST GRADE. 35% of your overall average for Quarter 3 Report Cards!

-Ms. Mirabella




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