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8th Graders: ATTENTION

8th Grade Students & Parents,

The final exam grades are up on Aspen. These scores ALREADY INCLUDE any bonus points earned from review games.

Ms. Mirabella


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La Tarea: Week of 5/26 – 5/29

7th Graders:
martes: nada (7A & C)
miércoles: page 144 Ex. B & C (7C)
nada (7B)
jueves: page 144 Ex. B & C (7A & B)
viernes: nada (7A, B, & C)

8th Graders:
martes: study for final! (8A & B)
miércoles: study for final tomorrow! (8A, B, & C)
jueves: nada (8A, B, & C)
viernes: nada (8A & C)

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8th Graders: Answer Keys & Final Exam Information

8th Graders,

Your final exam will be given this Thursday 5/28 to 8A, 8B, & 8C. If you will be absent, at a music lesson, or vaudeville practice, and will miss the exam, you are to stay after school on that day and take it.

Extra help will be available after school on Tuesday 5/26 until 3 o’clock. This after school session is strictly review for the final, and you will not get bonus points for staying after.

I am including in this post the answer keys for both the present and preterite verb charts, as well as the answer key for the vocabulary packet. Please check your answers and make sure they match.

Remember: You should be studying from
1. Typed, Spanish 1 Review Packet (3 pages, double sided)
2. Vocabulary Packet, Chapters 6-9
3. Double-sided Present Tense Verb Chart, Regular & Irregular Verbs
4. Double-sided Preterite/Past Tense Verb Chart, Regular & Irregular Verbs

Any other questions while you are studying, please feel free to email me at

The key to doing well is to NOT cram!

¡Buena Suerte!

– Ms. Mirabella



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8C Students,

Please check your school e-mail ASAP. I have sent you a message regarding tonight’s homework assignment.

Ms. Mirabella

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Important Dates for the Rest of the 2014-2015 School Year*

7th and 8th Grade Students,

I have done some lesson planning, and have TENTATIVE dates for upcoming tests and quizzes for the rest of the school year. Tentative meaning there could be a slight change due to any scheduling conflicts that may come up with testing, assemblies, etc.

If there is a change, I will let you know ASAP on the blog and during class time.

Please take advantage of extra help offered after school on both Tuesday and Thursday if you need some extra practice!

7th Graders:
Chapter 5, Words 1 Quiz
Friday, 5/22 (7A & B), Tuesday, 5/26 (7C)
Chapter 5 -ER/-IR Verbs Quiz
Wednesday, 6/3 (7C), Thursday 6/4 (7A & B)
Tapas Tasting Party
Friday, 6/5 (for classes that meet requirements!)
Chapter 5 Test
Wednesday, 6/10 (7C) Thursday, 6/11 (7A & B)

8th Graders:
Final Exam for 8A, 8B, & 8C will be on the SAME DAY.
The test is scheduled for Thursday, 5/28.
Extra Help will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays up until then!

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La Tarea: Week of 5/18 – 5/22

7th Grade:
lunes: finish sub work (7A, B, & C)
martes: study for quiz on Friday on p. 138-139 (7A)
miércoles: study for quiz on Friday on p. 138-139 (7B)
jueves: study for quiz on Friday on p. 138-139 (7A & B)
viernes: nada (7A & B)
study for quiz on Friday on p. 138-139 (7C)

8th Grade:
lunes: finish vocabulary packet (8B & C)
martes: finish vocabulary packet (8A)
miércoles: review for final (8A, B & C)
jueves: review for final (8A, B & C)
viernes: review for final (8A & C)

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8th Graders – Chapter 9 Test Correction!

8th graders,

I had an incorrect bubble colored in for one of the answers on the answer key. Due to my error, everyone will receive +2. If you look NOW on Aspen, you should see your current and final grade. Do not add two points to the grade you see now, because I have already fixed them. Re-takes are still available after school next week on Tuesday or Thursday!

– Ms. Mirabella

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