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8th Graders: Culture Note!

Hola 8th Graders,

In June, we complete a very exciting unit on Spanish music and dance. It is by far my favorite 8th grade unit of the year! We will be viewing and discussing the movie, “Selena” during that time. As some of you may know, Selena was an iconic female singer during the late 80’s, early 90’s, and paved the way for Latin American/Spanish singers on mainstream radio. It has been 20 years since her tragic death. If you’d like, read this article CNN published about Selena. I think it is very interesting, and will give you background information for our unit in June. 

– Ms. Mirabella


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Homework/La Tarea: Week of 3/30 – 4/2

PLEASE keep in mind the quarter closes on THURSDAY. Any re-takes or make-ups from all of Quarter 3 MUST BE DONE AFTER SCHOOL ON TUESDAY THIS WEEK. Study, and be ready to stay after school on Tuesday this week to make up or re-take a poor quiz/test grade!

Homework/La Tarea:

7th Grade:
: study for Chapter 4 vocabulary quiz next class! (7A, 7B, 7C)
martes: Page 108 Ex. D (7A & C)
miércoles: Nada (7C) Page 108 Ex. D (7B)
jueves: Nada (7A, 7B, & 7C)
viernes: Nada (7A, 7B, & 7C)

8th Grade: There are no written homework assignments this week for 8A, 8B, and 8C.

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Tarea: Week of 3/23 – 3/27

7th Graders: Because 7C is missing Spanish Class 4 out of 4 times this week due to PARCC testing, I did not want them to fall behind. Therefore, 7A & 7B will be working on culture. We will be watching the movie, “The Perfect Game.” This movie deals with a young, underdog baseball team from Mexico, who competes in the Little League World Series. Once they make it to the U.S., they are not greeted with the warmest of welcomes from American teams and coaches. We will focus on stereotypes, and how Americans viewed Mexicans during that time period. We will also discuss racism, and its place in society today. Pausing throughout the week, we will write down and translate any new Spanish words we encounter during the viewing of this film. There is NO homework this week.

8th Graders: PARCC testing affects your teams as well. I will introduce the project, which will be displayed at the Open House in April. This project will showcase your writing skills, and just how far you have come with your Spanish education! Some teams will have more class time than others. This is an in-class project, and should be completed during school. If we do not finish this week, we will discuss how the project will get finished (ex. additional class time or work done at home). Until that is discussed at the end of the week, there is NO homework during this week.

Per usual, I will be after school on both Tuesday and Thursday this week. As the quarter winds down, this week would be an excellent time to take any re-takes for poor quiz or tests grades this 3rd quarter. Take advantage of this!

– Ms. Mirabella

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Attention: 8th Grade Students!

8A, 8B, & 8C Students:

Your Chapter 8 Test Grades are up on Aspen! You will get them back next week. Re-takes are available Tuesday and Thursday after school. Remember, tests are 35% of your overall average!

– Ms. Mirabella

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Chapter 8 Test Format – For 8A, 8B, & 8C

Parte I: Match the vocabulary word to its correct definition/translation. (1 points each, 20?s, 20 total)

Parte II: Fill-in with the correct conjugated form of either “ser” or “estar” based on the use. (3 points each, 10?s, 30 total)

  1. Nosotros ______________ de México.
  2. Nosotros ______________ en México.
  3. El bolígrafo _________ de plástico.

Parte III: In each given sentence, change what is underlined to an indirect object pronoun, and re-write the sentence in the correct order, including the IOPN. (4 points each, 5?s, 20 total)

  1. El médico examina a Patricia.


  1.  Sergio da la invitación a ellas.


Parte IV: Tell whether the following statements are true (VERDAD) or false (FALSO). (4 points each, 5?s, 20 total)

_________________  El farmacéutico en los Estados Unidos no puede despachar medicamentos si el enfermo/el paciente no tiene una receta de su médico.

_________________ En México, el médico no puede escribir una receta para los narcóticos porque los narcóticos son peligrosos.

Parte V: Please write one similarity & one difference between health care systems in Spain, Mexico, and/or the United States. YOU MAY NOT RE-WRITE ANY OF THE SENTENCES FROM PART IV; THEY MUST BE ORIGINAL SENTENCES ABOUT OUR CULTURE LESSON. (5 points each, 2?s, 10 total)

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Tarea: Week of 3/16 – 3/20

Tarea para la semana

7th Graders-
lunes: vocabulary worksheet (7A, B, & C)
martes: review vocabulary & new verbs (7A, B, & C)
miércoles: review vocabulary & new verbs (7A, B, & C)
jueves: review vocabulary & new verbs (7A, B, & C)
viernes: review vocabulary & new verbs (7A, B, & C)
TUES (7A & C) / WEDS. (7B)

8th Graders-
lunes: Start studying for Ch. 8 Test! (8B & C)
martes: Study for Ch. 8 Test! (8A, B, & C)
miércoles: Study for Ch. 8 Test! (8A, B, & C)
jueves: Nada (8B) Study for test tomorrow! (8A & C)
viernes: Nada (8A & C)

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La Tarea: Week of 3/9 – 3/13

7th Graders-
lunes: Study for Chapter 3 Test next class! (7A, B, & C)
martes: Nada (7A & C)
miércoles: Nada (7B) finish folded papers for Ch. 4 (7C)
jueves: Finish folded papers for Ch. 4 (7A & B)
viernes: Conjugate and translate the meaning of the
infinitives for 6 new -AR verbs on lined paper:
ENSEñAR, and IR 
(7A, B, & C)

8th Graders-
lunes: Finish classwork (8B & C)
martes: Finish classwork (8A) Page 248 translate to English on paper,
#1-6 and if the answer is no, change it to be correct (8B)
miércoles: Nada (8B) Page 248 translate to English on paper,
#1-6 and if the answer is no, change it to be correct (8A & C)
jueves: Nada (8A, B, & C)
viernes: Nada (8A & C)

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