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Week of 2/23 – 2/27: La Tarea

Here is the homework for the upcoming week…

REMEMBER: Binder Checks are TOMORROW, Monday 2/23 (7A, B, & C + 8B & C) and Tuesday, 2/24 (8A)!!

7th Graders-
lunes: none (7A, B, & C)
martes: review notes from class (7A & C)
miércoles: Page 82 Ex. E (7C) review notes from class (7B)
jueves: Page 82 Ex. E (7A & B)
viernes: Write 7 or 8 original sentences using vocabulary and -AR verbs from Ch. 3 (7A, B, & C)

8th Graders-
lunes: none (8B & C)
martes: study ch. 8 vocab (8B) none (8A)
miércoles: study ch. 8 vocab (8A, B, & C)
jueves: Page 241 Ex. E (8B) study ch. 8 vocab (8A & C)
viernes: Page 241 Ex. E (8A & C)


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Binder Checklists For Binder Checks on Monday 2/23 (7A, B, & C, 8B, & 8C) and Tuesday 2/24 (8A only)

Hola Chicos y Chicas,

I hope you all have a wonderful vacation! Whether you are going away, or hanging around Burlington, enjoy having some time to yourselves 🙂

However, hopefully you will spend some time on Spanish, and your binders!

Although you all should have gotten a hard copy of your team’s special binder checklist, I am putting them on the blog in case you forgot them or misplaced them!

BinderCheckGradingSheet7AFebruary (7A)

BinderCheckGradingSheet7BFebruary (7B)

BinderCheckGradingSheet7CFebruary (7C)

8ABinderCheckGradingSheetFebruary (8A)

8BBinderCheckGradingSheetFebruary (8B)

8CBinderCheckGradingSheetFebruary (8C)

E-mail me if you have any questions!

¡Hasta Pronto!
– Ms. Mirabella

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7th graders!

Like I mentioned Friday during class,
your shopping lists are STILL due tomorrow morning by 7 AM even though we have a snow day! I will be printing and grading them tomorrow.

Some of you have work to do!

Ms. Mirabella

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7th Graders Go Shopping! (Ir de Compras)

7th grade students have been busy learning Chapter 3 vocabulary that includes school supplies, clothing, colors, shopping phrases, and the numbers 100-1000. After they took a quiz on these words, students completed a hands on, “real world” activity where they were given an allowance for back to school shopping. Students had 2000 pesos between themselves and a partner, and needed to shop for school supplies and back to school clothes. They first jotted down what items they were interested in, and then created a final draft of their shopping lists in complete sentences in Spanish! I was very proud of their hard work and wonderfully constructed sentences. Here are some pictures of our shopping trips and shopping list composition!


IMG_6514 IMG_6513 IMG_6512 IMG_6511 IMG_6510 IMG_6509 IMG_6507 IMG_6506 IMG_6505 IMG_6504 IMG_6503 IMG_6502 IMG_6501

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