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8th Grade Chapter Practice Quizzes for Final Exam

Hola 8th graders,
Here are some practice quizzes you should take while studying/preparing for your final exam on Thursday, June 5th (next week!) for all three teams. These are from the textbook company, and many of them have made their way onto the actual final exam!
¡Buena Suerte!
– Ms. Mirabella

Chapter 6 — 
Chapter 7 — 
Chapter 8 — 
Chapter 9 —
** Although there will not be many questions on Ch.1-5, it may benefit you to take these quizzes also!**
CH. 1 — 
CH. 2 —
CH. 3 —
CH. 4 —
CH. 5 — 

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7th Grade -ER/-IR Worksheet Answers

Here are the answers for the -er/-ir worksheet we did not get to in class today (7C)

1. como
2. aprendes
3. comprendemos
4. leen
5. bebe
6. escribimos
7. viven
8. recibimos
9. comes
10. vive
11. bebe
12. recibo
13. comprende
14. aprendemos
15. escribe
16. escriben
17. recibes
18. come
19. aprenden
20. vivimos

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La Tarea – Week of 5/27 – 5/30

7th Graders–
** -er/-ir verb quiz on Friday (7A, B, & C)**
martes: translations (7A)
miércoles: translations (7B) study for quiz (7C)
jueves: study for quiz (7A&B)
viernes: page 148-149 translate to English in binder on lined paper

8th Graders–
martes: review ar/er/ir verbs in present tense (8A&B)
miércoles: review ar verbs in preterite (8B) review ar/er/ir verbs in present tense (8C)
jueves: review ar verbs in preterite (8A&C)
viernes: review irregular verbs in present and past tenses (8A&C)

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La Tarea – Week of 5/19 – 5/23

7th Grade–
*no quizzes/tests this week*
lunes: (7A, B, & C) nada 🙂
martes: (7A&C) p.144 Ex. B & C
miércoles: (7B) p. 144 Ex. B & C
jueves: (7B) nada 🙂
viernes: (7A & C) worksheet

8th Grade–
*Chapter 9 Scantron/Multiple Choice Test: 8B (Thursday) 8A&C (Friday)*
lunes: (8B&C) translate passage on p.276 to English
martes: (8A) translate passage on p.276 to English
miércoles: (8A&C) review culture notes (8B) study for Ch.9 test tomorrow!
jueves: (8B) nada 🙂 (8A&C) study for Ch.9 test tomorrow!
viernes: nada 🙂

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7th Grade Tapas Tasting!

7th Graders,
You all did a wonderful job today with your tapas and other items for class. We had a successful tasting, and I cannot wait to talk about your likes/dislikes on Monday! Here are some pictures of all the fun!
– Ms. Mirabella

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7th Graders.. Don’t Forget Your Tapas Tomorrow!

Hola 7th graders,

I will see most of you tomorrow morning for your tapas drop-off to my classroom during or before homeroom period.

Make sure you remind yourself in the morning to bring your assigned items in!

I am very excited, and wanted to give you a glimpse at my tapas preparation!

¡Hasta mañana!

— Ms. M


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La Tarea: Week of 5/12 – 5/16

Hola Chicos y Chicas, aquí es la tarea para la semana de 12/5 – 16-5!

7th Grade–
**Words II Quiz on Pages 138-139 on Weds (7C) and Thurs (7A&B)**
lunes: review & study pgs. 138-139 vocab WITH someone, & have that person sign your agenda after studying (7A,B,&C)
martes: study for words 2 quiz on pgs. 138-139 (7A&C)
miércoles:  study for words 2 quiz on pgs. 138-139 (7B)
viernes: nada 🙂

8th Grade–
**-AR Preterite Verb Quiz on Weds (8B) & Thurs (8A&C)**
[subject to change dates slightly possibly]

: double-sided preterite worksheet (8B&C)
martes: double-sided preterite worksheet (8A) || study for quiz (8B)
miércoles: study for quiz (8A&C) || review ir & ser preterite notes (8B)
jueves: review ir & ser preterite notes (8A&C) || nada 🙂 (8B)
viernes: nada 🙂 (8A&C)

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