8th Graders: Planning Ahead

8th Graders:

If you want to get a jump start on studying for the
Chapter 9, Words 1 Vocabulary Quiz that will be
given when we return from vacation, here is the link:

Chapter 9, Words 1 Quizlet

Quiz will be on:
Thursday 4/26 (8B)
Friday 4/27 (8A & 8C)


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Artists from Oaxaca, Mexico visit MSMS!

We were lucky enough to have artists from Oaxaca, Mexico visit MSMS on Tuesday this week! Efraín Fuentes and his wife Silvia Gomez came to the media center at MSMS on Tuesday morning, as part of an educational partnership with Margaritas Restaurants.  Pat Picciano served as a translator and presenter on behalf of the artists, and gave multiple presentations to 7th and 8th grade Spanish classes.

Students were captivated by Efraín carving animals from blocks of wood in front of them in real time, while his wife Silvia meticulously painted his creations with bright colors and intricate designs.

Pat did a wonderful job of explaining the village the artists came from, as well as the family dynamic of their artistry. The entire family is involved in the carving/painting process one way or another, and their livelihood depends on it.

Students were able to view many of the animals and “alebrijes” that the artists had brought with them, and were fascinated with the entire process being done “old school” by hand without technology or machines.

Here are just a few photos that capture the educational and cultural experience had by all on Tuesday! Thank you so much to Mrs. Ellen Abrams and the BEF for organizing this priceless presentation that will be remembered for years to come!

The artists will be visiting Margaritas Restaurants in the coming months to sell and showcase their work. View the yellow flyers below in the photo gallery to learn more on how to meet them!

Pictures below taken by Mrs. Barkley and Ms. Mirabella (MSMS Spanish)

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Quarter 4 Grading Information

7th Graders, 8th Graders, & Parents,

Please click on the documents below to read through how students’ grades will be calculated for Quarter 4.

Please email me with any questions!

Let’s finish the year strong 🙂
-Ms. Mirabella

Quarter 4, 8th Grade

Quarter 4, 7th Grade

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HW: Week of 4/9 – 4/13

7th Graders: No homework this week!

8th Graders:

Binder Checks (Quiz Grade) will be on:
Monday, 4/9 – 8B & 8C
Wednesday, 4/11 – 8A

Chapter 9 Folded Papers from
page 284 will be checked off and gone over on:
Tuesday, 4/10 – 8B
Wednesday, 4/11 – 8C
Thursday, 4/12 – 8A

Also, because 8A will be missing class on Friday due to the Retro Assembly, they will have to complete a homework worksheet the other 2 teams will be doing in class. I will check this worksheet off after vacation. It will be a double sided worksheet about Chapter 9, Words 1 Vocabulary. I will give the worksheet to 8A students on Thursday!

Have a great vacation!
-Ms. Mirabella

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8th Graders: IMPORTANT!!!

8th Graders,

You binder check is next week. This will be your first quiz grade for Quarter 4.

8B & 8C: Binder Check will be on Monday, 4/9
8A: Binder Check will be on Wednesday, 4/11

Please finishing organizing your papers over the weekend.

Follow the checklists that belong to your team.

Email me with questions!
Ms. Mirabella

8A_ April 2018 Checklist

8B_ April 2018 Checklist

8C_ April 2018 Checklist

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Homework (La Tarea): 4/2 – 4/6

7th Graders: Your only homework this week is to prepare and study hard for your Chapter 4 Grammar Quiz on Friday, April 6th for 7A, 7B, & 7C.
Quiz Format:
Parte I: Conjugate the following verbs in all six forms. (2 points each, 36 total)
Parte II: Conjugate each verb in parentheses with the subject pronoun given. (3 points each, 60 total) REGULAR & IRREGULAR VERBS MIXED!
ex. ir (yo) _____________________ — voy
Parte III: Fill-in the blank with the vocabulary word that best completes the sentence in English. (2 points each, 4 total)
***Know vocabulary like: stem, verb endings, conjugation, conjugated verb, infinitive***

8th Graders:
lunes: finish Chapter 9 folded papers on page 284 in navy textbook (8B & 8C)
martes: finish Chapter 9 folded papers on page 284 in navy textbook (8A)
miércoles-viernes: organize binders for upcoming binder check worth a quiz grade for Quarter 4! (8A, 8B, & 8C)

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Homework: 3/26 – 3/29

7th Graders: No homework this week! We are working to finish our Autobiography Projects in class.

8th Graders: The only homework this week is to study for your Chapter 8 Test!
8B: Test tomorrow, Tuesday 3/27
8A & 8C: Test on Wednesday, 3/28
Chapter 8 Test Format
Chapter 8 Vocabulary: Quizlet Link
Las Semejanzas y Las Diferencias entre España, México, y E.E.U.U. para la asistenciael seguro de salud

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