7th Graders: Ch. 1 Test Next Week!

Hola Clases,
As you all know, your Chapter 1 Test is next week!
7A & 7C: Test is on Tuesday 12/18
7B: Test is on Wednesday 12/19 (because we do not meet on Tuesdays)

Today, I gave you a Chapter 1 Test Format Sheet. Please use that as a guide on how to study for each of the 6 sections of this test.

I will attach the link to ONE Quizlet that you can use for all of the vocabulary & grammar from the entire chapter at once.

For the grammar, review notes on Subject Pronouns and SER. As well as earlier notes on making things matchy-matchy.

I decided there will be no Gimkit for this test. Please use your notes, previous quizzes, and Quizlet to study. That should be enough. Remember, do not cram the night before!

Extra Help is Monday, 12/17 after school until 2:30 PM. Please arrange for a ride at that time.

-Ms. Mirabella

Quizlet Link

Chapter 1 Test Format

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El Día de los Muertos


Last week, students completed a week long unit on El Día de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead). Each grade had their own twist, and students learned so much about this special holiday.

6th Grade Exploratory Spanish: Students were introduced to basic traditions of the holiday, and watched The Book of Life and answered discussion questions that went along with the movie.

7th Grade: Students watched the film, Coco. After, a discussion was facilitated where students provided their opinions on the movie, facts they learned about the holiday, and asked questions. They colored in their own ofrendas (altars) and wrote a reflection underneath.

8th Grade: Students discussed El Día de los Muertos in depth, including many new words in Spanish specific to the holiday. We compared and contrasted Mexican and American views on Death. After watching a video of an American tourist in Oaxaca, Mexico during the holiday being toured by a native Mexican, students discussed what they learned. Later in the week, Ms. Mirabella read the Legend of La Llorona. Students watched an episode of the NBC show, Grimm, which presented its own spin on the infamous Mexican legend. After the episode, students discussed similarities and differences from the legend Ms. Mirabella read and the TV show. Discussions were had on how legends can have different versions because they are passed down orally.

Here are some pictures of our week!



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Looking Ahead: 7th Grade Schedules

7C Schedule

7B Schedule

7A Schedule

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Looking Ahead: November (8th Grade)

Looking Ahead_ 8th Grade Schedule November (3)

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Quizlet Links

7th Graders:
7th Grade Preliminary Test Quizlet
Test will be on Friday, 10/19

8th Graders:
41 Verb Meanings from 7th Grade Verbs
Know these for next class………

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Quiz Day Updates for this Week


Due to the short week with today’s holiday, here are the quiz dates for this week.

Please plan ahead 🙂

-Ms. M

7th Grade Numbers Quiz #s 0-100
Quiz will be on:
Wednesday, 10/10 for 7C
Thursday, 10/11 for 7A & 7B
Numbers Quizlet Link

8th Grade Review Packet #3 Quiz
Quiz will be on:
Thursday, 10/11 for 8A, 8B, & 8C
Review Packet #3 Quizlet Link


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7th Graders: Greetings, Goodbyes, & Conversation

Please use this sheet of notes to study, as well as the Quizlet link to help you memorize these new vocabulary words, phrases, and questions! Quiz will be next week mid week on this vocabulary.
-Ms. Mirabella

GreetingsGoodbyesConvo Notes

Quizlet Link

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